Private Equity Insights Brochure

Private Equity Insights Ltd is a dedicated Private Equity platform operating in Europe and South East Asia, connecting Private Equity leaders around industry topics through high-level meetings, research initiatives, and digital networks.

Our main business area is now Private Equity Conference: a leading international conference provider, organising regionally-focused Private Equity conferences in Europe and Asia, currently with 10 active markets, in the Nordics, Switzerland, Germany, Poland/CEE, UK, France, Benelux, Italy, Iberia and Singapore. For each conference, we bring together up to 50 speakers and 300 attendees from the best performing players in the Private Equity regional ecosystem. Our objective is to provide the best PE networking opportunity in the region, along with a platform to share insights on the market, promote the whole region, and originate deals.

This year’s Polish & CEE Private Equity Conference (PPEC) is building on the previous years’ success in Warsaw, Poland. Once more, we are delighted to present you with our Private Equity Conference for the Polish & CEE market and beyond.

PPEC is a conference dedicated to top CEOs, LPs and Managing Partners, Private Equity Executives, and Investors who are eager to show their expertise and knowledge-level obtained during years of successful ventures and achievements.

PPEC is a one-day event with influential keynote speakers, enriching panel discussions, and valuable networking opportunities for top-tier professionals. Previously the conference has had more than 300 professionals attending from the best performing Limited Partners, General Partners, Portfolio companies and potential PE targets. PPEC is a unique event in all its aspects with brilliant networking opportunities throughout the day.

We are eager to improve the level of our conferences every year, and therefore we have  made some changes to the event this year, which we hope you will enjoy  (e.g. we have combined the panels in a different way to make the experience more enriching). Moreover, PPEC is also unique in terms of its dedication to the practical insights and strategic focus. It is very important for us that attendees gain inspiration, insights, and invaluable peer-level networking opportunities and we believe in long-lasting relationships among our attendees.

The 2016 PPEC edition took place in a prestigious hotel in Warsaw, Poland on 4th of March.

Our next edition will take place on the 23rd of March 2017.