Networking & Past Events

Network with Top Profiles, Get Inspired and Stay Ahead of Your Peers! 

The German Private Equity Conference (GPEC) is planned to gather the best of this industry: Limited  Partners, PE  Funds, top CEOs, Managing Directors and Investors are among our exclusive audience. GPEC is very selective and only the best are invited.

We know that this industry operates with tight schedules and we respect that you are both limited in time and availability. It is therefore important to us that the conference is kept industry-specific and relevant, so that the value added by better knowledge of current and future industry trends can lead to future success for your business.

Attendees among others includes:

  • Top tier private equity funds, limited partners, venture capitals and wealth managers.
  • CEOs from different industries and sectors, namely: consulting, banks and venture capital, among others.
  • Senior consultants and attorneys specialised in the areas of finance and banking.
  • Established entrepreneurs and SME´s founding members.
  • Industry experts and advisors with deep knowledge and experience on the latest trends.

Past Events

In order to present our Network better, you may find here below the Delegates List of our most recent events!

French PEC, 1st Edition: Paris, 22.01.16 Attendees List

German PEC, 3rd Edition: Frankfurt, 27.11.15 Attendees List

Nordic PEC, 5th Edition: Copenhagen, 06.11.15 Attendees List

Benelux PEC, 1st Edition: Amsterdam, 16.10.15 Attendees List

South East Asian PEC, 1st Edition: Singapore, 09.10.15 Attendees List

Italian PEC, 1st Edition: Milan, 18.09.15 Attendees List

UK PEC, 1st Edition: London, 29.05.15 Attendees List

Swiss PEC, 5th Edition: Zurig, 10.04.15 Attendees List

Iberian PEC, 2nd Edition: Madrid, 20.02.15 Attendees List

Polish & CEE PEC, 2nd Edition: Warsaw, 06.02.15 Attendees List