Optimism and operations: the bright future of Italian private equity

29. September 2016 Italy 0
The Italian Private Equity Conference 2016 took place on 22nd September at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan. Overall, the tone of the conference was positive, with the Italian market’s recent surge in productivity and transactions setting the bar for an optimistic future for private capital in Italy. Here are our five key takeaways from the Opening Panel on Italian Private Equity Performance.

How to manage & mitigate risk in the UK Private Equity market

16. September 2016 UK 0
The Opening Panel of the UK Private Equity Conference was overall surprisingly upbeat, considering the recent political and economic difficulties brought about the UK’s referendum on European Union membership. The speakers discussed Brexit, the management of risk, and the importance of the relations between all the parties within the investment process. We’ve put together a list of four key takeaway points from the discussion for you.