About Us

Private Equity Insights Ltd is a dedicated Private Equity platform operating in Europe and in Asia connecting Private Equity leaders around industry topics through high-level meetings, research, initiatives and digital networks.

Our main business area is now Private Equity Conference: a leading international conference provider, organising regionally-focused Private Equity conferences in Europe and Asia, with currently 10 active markets, in the Nordics, Switzerland, Germany, Poland/CEE, UK, France, Benelux, Italy, Iberia and Singapore. For each conference, we bring together up to 50 speakers and 250 to 300 attendees from the best performing players of the regional Private Equity ecosystem. Our objective is to provide the best PE networking opportunity in the region, along with a platform to share insights on the market, promote the whole region and originate deals.

The First Benelux Private Equity Conference (BPEC) took place on October 16th 2015 in the stunning city of Amsterdam!

We are excited to present to you the Second edition of Benelux Private Equity Conference that will be hosted on February 9th 2017 in Hotel Okura, Amsterdam.

The Annual One-Day Event is dedicated to bringing together the most senior-level decision makers (CEOs, Limited Partners and General Partners) in the Private Equity Ecosystem in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The event is meticulously curated to ensure high-level discussion, deep insights and unparalleled networking opportunity.