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The Private Equity Insights journey began in 2010 when our founders launched the first Nordic Private Equity Conference whilst still studying at Copenhagen Business School. This conference was a success, and the following year they launched the Swiss Private Equity Conference in Zurich. By 2013, they set up Private Equity Insights as a company in order to continue expanding the project. In 2014, we expanded to Germany, Poland/CEE, and Iberia, and in 2015, we expanded even further to include the UK, Italy, Benelux, South East Asia, and France.

Private Equity Insights About us - Conference with speakers and attendees in venue
Private Equity Insights About us,  interview with speakers in the conference for media on investments and capital
 Private Equity Insights, About us. Conference networking with topics on investments private capital and funds by Private Equity Insights in UK
 Private Equity Insights, About us. Panel discussion with speakers attending the conference by Private equity insights in warsaw regarding capital funds and investments

Our Goal

Our objective is to provide:

  • - The best PE networking opportunity in the region -

  • - A platform to share insights on the market -

  • - The promotion of whole defined regions in front of local and foreign investors -

  • - A platform for deal origination -

Private Equity Insights, About us. Networking and knowledge sharing between speakers at private equity insights conference with discussion panels
Private Equity Insights, About us. Cocktail party vip dinner venue hotel conference on private equity insights conference
speakers and attendees networking fundraising ceos hedge fund fundraising conference for private equity insights singapore
 Private Equity Insights, About us. Registration with attendees regarding the conference that includes topics like fundraising exit strategies operational excellence in private equity insights

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